Algebra 1 Outline

  • Units Covered:


    Operations with Real Numbers & Expressions

    I. Properities of Real Numbers
    A. Introduction to Number Systems
    B. Compare and Order Real Numbers

    II. Simplifying Expressions
    A. Simplify Square Roots
    B. Find Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple
    C. Use Laws of Exponents
    D. Operations of Real Numbers

    III. Polynomials
    A. Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials
    B. Multiplication of Polynomials
    C. Simplify and Factor Polynomial Expressions
    D. Simplify and Reduce


    Linear Equations

    IV. Linear Equations
    A. Use of Algebraic Expressions
    B. Solve a Linear Equation (One-Step w/ One Variable)
    C. Solve a Linear Equation (Two-Steps or More w/ One Variable)
    D. Applications of Linear Equations



    Coordinate Geometry

    V. Graph Linear Equations
    A. Find Slope and Rate of Change
    B. Graph Using Intercepts and Slope-Intercept and Point-Slope Forms
    C. Standard Form
    D. Interpret Functions Using Equations, Tables, and Graphs



    Linear Equations

    VI. Systems of Equations
    A. Solve a System of Linear Equations by Graphing
    B. Solve a System of Linear Equations by Substitution
    C. Solve a System of Linear Equations by Elimination
    D. Interpret Systems of Equations


    **As much information as possible will be covered and reviewed prior to the Keystone Exam.