Algebra Concepts

Algebra Concepts

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    A pre-assessment will be given. The assessment is located on page 50 of the Algebra Concepts textbook.

    Chapter 2: Integers and Rational Numbers
    *This chapter should be a review and will be completed during the first week of the course.
    Section 2.1: Integers and number lines, Absolute values
    Section 2.2: Rational numbers (Positive and Negative)
    Section 2.3: Add
    Section 2.4: Subtract
    Section 2.5: Multiply
    Section 2.6: Divide
    Section 2.7: Distributive property, Factoring
    Section 3.1: Addition property of equations 
    Section 3.2: Multiplication property of equalities 

    Chapter 3: Equations
    Section 3.3: Using properties together
    Section 3.4: Expressions and equations
    Section 3.5: Solving equations. Whole numbers
    Section 3.6: Decimal numbers and fractions
    Section 3.9: Proportions
    Section 3.10: Percent, Decimal, Fraction
    Section 3.11: More Expressions and Equations


    Chapter 4: Inequalities
    Section 4.1: Inequalities and their graphs
    Section 4.3: Multiplication property
    Section 4.4: Using Inequalities

    Chapter 5: Exponents
    Section 5.1: Exponents
    Section 5.2: More with Exponents
    Section 5.3: Multiplying and dividing monomials
    Section 5.5: Polynomial types
    Section 5.6: More on Polynomials
    Section 5.7: Adding polynomials
    Section 5.8: Subtracting polynomials
    Section 5.9: Multiplying of monomials and binomials
    Section 5.10: Special products
    Section 5.11: Multiplying Polynomials

    Chapter 6: Polynomials and Factoring
    Section 6.1: Factoring
    Section 6.2: Difference of two squares
    Section 6.3: Trinomial Squares
    Section 6.4: Factoring x2 + bx + c
    Section 6.5: Factoring ax2 + bx + c
    Section 6.7: Factoring a general strategy
    Section 6.8: Solve equations by factoring
    Section 6.9: Word problems

    Chapter 7: Graphs and Linear Equations
    Section 7.1: Graphing ordered pairs
    Section 7.2: Graphing equations
    Section 7.3: Linear equations, intercepts, standard form
    Section 7.4: Slope intercept
    Section 7.5: Equation and slope
    Section 7.6: Finding an equation of a line
    Section 7.8: Parallel and perpendicular lines


    ** Both a midterm and final exam can be expected within this math course.