• Lackawanna College Dual Enrollment 
    *Other dual enrollment and/or early college opportunities exist through a cooperative agreement with Lackawanna College: Honors Psychology, Honors Sociology, Honors Accounting 3, Honors Statistics, Honors Creative Writing, and Honors World Cultures.  There is a fee for these courses. The fee is greatly reduced. Lackawanna College also offers a 'Level Up' program where high school students can earn an Associates Degree during high school. Please contact your counselor for more details. 
    Luzerne County Community College
    *LCCC received a grant allowing students to take dual enrollment courses for free. Students have to be in good standing and need a B or higher GPA to enroll in a dual-enrollment LCCC course. These courses (Honors Psychology, Honors Sociology, College Biology, Honors Anatomy, Honors Government, Intermediate Algebra, Painting, Honors Drawing, Honors Spanish 4, Honors English 4, Honors Accounting, and Honors American Studies 3. LCCC courses can also be taken afterschool or in the summer (in-person or online). Any course taken outside of high school is no longer considered 'dual enrollment' and will not appear on the student's high school transcript. The student would only receive an early college transcript. The course selections for offsite courses are extensive. Students should see their school counselor for registration.