• Grading Procedures for
    Mrs. Drake
    Grading Criteria
    Grading will be determined by the following criteria:
    Homework / Classwork  = 25%
    Midterm / Final             = 30%
    Quiz / projects              = 25%
    Tests                           = 20%

    Homework / Classwork Grade


    Work completed will be scored by completion, quality and correct response, and team effort.


    Quizzes and Tests
    Quizzes and Tests will be announced at least 2 days before hand.  A review will be provided the class before any quiz or test.  The student is expected to take the quiz/test on the first day he/she returns back to school unless he/she was absent when the quiz/test was announced.
    A rubric and set of guidlines will be provided with each project.  Projects will be graded as a Quiz.