• ~ Start practicing for the PSAT/SAT. One of the common obstacles for students is

    The more you practice taking the test the more comfortable you will be.
    Start by reviewing the tutorial section on www.collegeboard.com

    ~ Take appropriate courses geometry, biology, and a second year of foreign languages.

     ~ Become familiar with general college entrance requirements by visiting college  
    websites and clicking on their undergraduate admissions pages.  

    ~ Participate in career development by job shadowing or researching a

    that interest you at the Labor and Industry Occupational Handbook at:
    ~ Visit our career/college builder webste Bridges.com -

    your username is HASD_(enter your lunch code) & password is (enter lunch coded)
    Once on website go to "work" tab click on interest and begin the free career/interest search

    to connect you with careers that match your personality and abilities. 

    ~ Consider leadership positions and opportunities related to your extra-curricular activities.

    ~ Read, read, read… this will help with your comprehension test scores later.

    ~ Enquire about postsecondary enrollment options and AP courses.

    ~ If you are interested in attending military academy start planning and gathering

    ~ Attend college and career fairs.

    ** Put money away for college and consider a summer a job**