• Gifted Process
    Teacher Initiated        Parent Initiated
    Guidance Counselor
    (Parents are contacted)
    1. Administers Ability Test
    Kaufmann Brief Intelligence Test (KBIT)
    Minimum score of 125
    2. Administers Achievement Test
    Criteria: 93rd percentile or above in either
    Math or Reading with no lower than the
    90th percentile in either one
    PSSA: Advanced in both Reading and Math
    Student Profile
    Teacher checklist
    Report card grades
    Interview from parents
    Learning strengths
    Other unusual hobbies/interests
    Community involvement
    School Psychologist
    Administers Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC)
    Needs a full-scale score of 130 or more (+/- 5)
    Gifted Screening Interview
    -Conducted by Teacher of Gifted
    Gifted Written Report (GWR) is generated
    by School Psychologist
    -Report is sent to school personnel and parents
    Teacher of the Gifted
    -Parent Invitation
    -Parental Rights
    -GIEP Meeting no sooner than 10, but no later
    than 20 school days from GWR
    -N.O.R.A.(Notice of Recommended Assignment) signed
    by parents
    Student is now enrolled in program and will receive
    gifted support services.
    GIEP is in effect for 1 year, less one day. New GIEP will
    be completed the following year.