• Elementary
    Learning Support/Inclusion
         The Hazleton Area School District's philosophy regarding students with special needs is that they should be educated in the least restrictive environment. For many students with Individual Educational Plans (IEP's) that means being with their peers in the regular classroom setting. These students are accommodated with adapted materials and/or tests if needed. Modifications in content areas may also be made depending on individual needs. The special education teacher may act as a support facilitator or a co-teacher in those regular education classrooms.
         Supplemental to the regular education curriculum is a direct instruction model for both reading and math. This is intended for IEP students in need of intensive remediation.
    Regular Education - use this data collection tool when making a prereferral to determine if a need exists to request a special education evaluation.
    Special Education - use this data collection tool when preparing for a reevaluation for a special education student.