• High School
        Students have a variety of transition options at the HAHS and HACC. Once again, the IEP team considers the student's course of study and designs transition activities that address the students desired post-school outcomes in the areas of post-secondary education, post-secondary employment, community living, and recreation and leisure.
         During their ninth grade year, students receive functional vocational assessments, varied inventories, and career exploration activities to assist them in selecting a course of study. As students prepare to enter ninth grade, they can choose BRIDGES, Pre-Vocational, and/or Employability Skills classes.
         Further definition in the transition process occurs in the tenth grade, when students choose an academic, vocational, or life skills curriculum with employment options.
         Beginning in the eleventh grade, the VITAL Program is offered. To prepare for post-secondary education options, students continue in the academic program with job shadowing, college visitation, SAT, ACT, etc.
    Regular Education - use this data collection tool when making a prereferral to determine if a need exists to request a special education evaluation.
    Special Education - use this data collection tool when preparing for a reevaluation for a special education student.