•  Course Description:

    American Studies II is a continuation of American Studies I. It covers from the emergence of industry and expansion of the United States to the social and economic stress of the United States prior to WWII. Emphasis is placed on social, economic, and political developments that lead to an understanding of today’s American society, its problems, and its achievements. Students will use many methods of learning as a gateway to applying and comprehending core content. This course will also focus on the development of students’ analysis, writing, and collaborative learning skills in preparation for their continuing academics.


    ***Writing, reading comprehension, and discussion will be major aspects of this course. Students will be asked to dig deep into history to formulate their own opinions and make connections throughout the course and to the real world to truly grasp the content. It is imperative for students to not just memorize dates and names, but to take information learned and demonstrate their comprehension through in-class discussion and writing prompts.


    Course Content

    The course will be presented as four thematic units:

    • Expansion, Immigration, and Industrialization (Chapters 13-15)
    • Gilded Age and Progressive Era (Chapters 16 & 17)
    • World War I (Chapters 18 & 19)
    • Prosperity and Depression (Chapters 20-22)