• Services

    Early Intervention services can include among other things, information on how children develop, early education programs, therapies available which will help support your child's additional needs, ideas of how families can assist their child at home and also counseling services designed to help parent's understand the importance of parenting skills to their child's growth and development.
    Services provided are based on each child's individual needs. If your child is eligible a plan will be developed that may include one or several of the following services:
    • early identification, screening and assessment services
    • assistive technology devices and services
    • nursing services
    • occupational therapy
    • physical therapy services
    • social work services
    • special instruction
    • speech-language therapy services
    • transportation services
    • vision services
    Family centered services and supports are based on the child's strengths, concerns, priorities and resources identified by the parent or primary caregiver. Services and supports are designed to respect the family's concerns, interests, and values