• Heights Terrace Elementary Middle School
    Middle School Tutoring Program 
    Advisor: Mrs. Stacey Natt

         Learning how to read is the most important skill for anyone to have in order to lead a successful life.  Unfortunately, learning to read can be more difficult for some people.  As a reading mentor,  middle school students will have the opportunity to work one on one with elementary students who need extra support in developing the necessary reading strategies in order to have a more successful and literate life. 

    Tutors will:

    • Work with Mrs. Natt to create a scheduled time for them to tutor. This means that students will be missing their specialty classes such as gym, art, music, computers, etc. to tutor. With this said it is their responsibility to make up and missed work that the teacher may require. Any student who is completely removed from a special to participate in the program will be given full credit for any coursework missed. (This will solely depend on the scheduling and needs of the elementary teachers.)
    • Attend meetings with Mrs. Natt to discuss expectations, technique, and participations as well as discuss issues the tutors may be having.
    • Work in elementary classrooms throughout the school. Placement for the program depends on the needs of the teachers and the availability of the students.   
    • Work one on one or with a small group of students. This may include guided, choral, or partner reading, homework completion, PSSA Prep, flashcards, and anything else related to helping the students succeed within the curriculum. 

    Because each student will not only act as a tutor but also a mentor for these students, it is important that they follow the rules and guidelines listed below.

    §  All tutors are required to show up promptly for their tutoring session.

    §  All tutors are required to conduct their session in a positive and professional manner.

    §  All tutors are required to let Mrs. Natt know if you will be unable to attend a tutoring session due to a pre-planned absence.

    §  Confidentiality is crucial during and after each tutoring session.

    §  All tutors must respect the teacher and the rules of the classroom they are working in.

    §  All tutors must report to the classroom teacher or Mrs. Natt with any concerns regarding the tutoring session.

    All tutors are required to follow all of the rules and guidelines in order to participate in the tutoring program.  Any of the rules broken will result in the resignation of his/her position as a tutor, and will no longer participate in the reading program.