• Spelling Bee
    spelling bee
    Middle School - Mrs. LaMonica
    Elementary School - Mrs. Kupsho 
    Elementary School - Mrs. Boyle Esposito
    Welcome! The Spelling Bee is conducted every year to help students improve their spelling, increase vocabulary, and develop proper English usage. We work with the Scripps Company. We begin at the school level where students sign-up and participate in a Spelling Bee at their grade level. Winners move to our local district Spelling Bee where they compete against others in the district. Winners can then move to the next Bee which is usually held in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
    Students will be given lists of practice words and will also meet with advisors for sessions. If you would like to know more about the Spelling Bee or receive extra learning materials, please visit the Scripps National Spelling Bee site at www.spellingbee.com!