Students are introduced to blueprint reading, engineering sketching and the math related to engineering disciplines. This course will establish the building blocks for a solid foundation in all design related occupations. Computer-Aided Drafting & Design is incorporated with advanced drafting techniques. Students learn to visualize and draw technically with a state of art software used in industry. The universal language of drafting is the most influential part of the CAD I curriculum. A student will create a portfolio showcasing his/her achievements and abilities.


    The returning student has the opportunity to experiment with mechanical, architectural, and electrical-electronic drafting before specializing in one of these areas. Drawing techniques learned in level 1 are used in real world scenarios. A student will develop his/her mind in design. A student will learn how things work, how things are mass produced, how things are manufactured and how things are built. A student will create a portfolio showcasing his/her achievements and abilities.


    The Level III student will prepare for a certification test that covers material related to general drafting and design. The students will learn presentation skills and become confident in abilities. A level III student will be taught a new highly technical 3D modeling software that is the cutting edge of technology. He / She will be able to design, prototype, assemble and simulate a design before it is ever produced. These skill sets will prepare a student for the highly technical world that awaits a student in post secondary or the marketplace. A certificate may be attained if a student scores well and a professional portfolio will be created showcasing a students achievements and abilities.