This course is designed to prepare students to work in the child care field or to pursue a degree in early childhood education.  Students will develop an understanding of child growth and development in all areas (physical, intellectual and social/ emotional) in the early childhood stages (infancy, toddler and preschool). The student will learn the proper techniques for creating a safe and healthy environment.

    T: For the safety of students and children involved in this program, and to comply with Child Care industry standards, students are required to dress in neat, appropriate attire. Body piercing, other than in the ear, is NOT allowed.

    Students will plan activities for young children related to art, storytelling, dramatic play, music, math, science and social studies. Hands-on experiences include tutoring elementary children, observing and working in the on-site preschool and at the Child Development Center. An emphasis is given to communication and positive interaction with co-workers, parents and children.

    Students get clinical experience working in the on-site preschool.  They learn to develop curriculum using a thematic approach. They will explore job opportunities and develop strategies for finding employment in the child care field.


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