Entering the Culinary Arts program requires purchasing the proper uniform. The approximate cost for the uniform is $100.00. This fee must be paid prior to the 1st day of class or the student will be removed from the course. Students transferring from another district will have 2 weeks to comply. No body piercings will be permitted in class.

    The Culinary Arts program will prepare students to work in the food service industry or pursue a degree in the hospitality field. The primary focus of this course is to develop the basic knowledge and skills needed in areas of food and prep service while instilling the strong work ethic needed for success.  Students will maintain a portfolio which will include their day to day activities of the restaurant in addition to special assignments, thematic menu planning and research of diverse cultural cuisines.  Students rotate work stations to better understand the operation of a restaurant facility, including maintenance, laundry, menu planning, dessert baking, washing dishes and chef responsibilities.

    Students will become familiar with proper terminology and frequently used measurements. All students will be actively involved in thematic menu planning, advertisement and presentation of foods.  Students (Level II and Level III) will have the opportunity to prepare and to serve different types of foods to our faculty and staff from our modern, well equipped kitchen to our updated dining room.

    In addition to the responsibility of operating a restaurant, all students will have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills by planning and prepping for extracurricular school activities requiring food service.   Students will apply skills in food preparation and menu development.



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