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    PA Renaissance Faire Small-Scale Public Advertising Competition

    This year my Honors Visual Art Studios 3 & 4 entries completely swept the high school category in this post-trip competition. Students had a different challenge of scale and fontwork than the Artr Competition that occurs at the Faire earlier in the year with the large posters. All winners, their families, and their art teacher will enjoy a free summer day at the Faire where the winners will be honored and given prizes at a special private picnic (complete with a knighting by the queen!)

    Kaylee Ren ad 19                                                              

         Grand Prize: Kaylee Toribio (11th Gr.)         1st Place: Merizari Arias Zamudio (12th Gr.)    2nd Place: Merilley Encarnacion (12th Gr.)

    Jenny Ren ad 19 Karla Ren ad 19

         3rd Place: Jenny Rivera (12th Gr.)             Hon. Mention: Karla consuegra (12th Gr)     Hon. Mention: Skye Burke (11th Grade)


    PA Renaissance Faire Advertising Poster Competition

    Students needed to choose from 1 of 4 themes, include the name of the Faire, and have an original slogan with historically-appropriate font and subject matter. Only 1 entry from each grade may travel with us to be entered that day, and again this year we received awards for all of our entries!

    Adrian Ren 19    Merilley Ren 19

    Adrian Costilla                        Merilley Encarnacion

    1st Place at the PA Renaissance Faire     3rd Place at the PA Renaissance Faire

    Advertising Poster Contest           Advertising Poster Contest

    (11th/12 Grade Division)                 (11th/12th Grade Division)

    Tatianna ren 19        Kayla Ren 19

    Tatiana Rodriguez                               Kayla Martisofski

    3rd Place at the PA Renaissance                 Honorable Mention at the

    Faire Advertising Poster Contest                 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising

    (9th/10th Grade Division)                 Poster Contest (9th/10th Grade Div.)


    Hazleton Art League's Peace, Love, Chalk Competition

    Students create a large work of art in chalk pastels, over 4 hours, while on Broad Street with the public walking around them during Funfest!

    PLC jr 2019                  PLC adult 2019  

    Hazleton Art League's Peace, Love,             Hazleton Art League's Peace, Love, Chalk

    Chalk Junior Competition Winners:1st          Adult Competition Winners: 2nd Place 

    Place (Apple iPad) Sr. Karla Consuegra,        ($500) former student Jhoschwall  

    2nd Place ($200) Jr. Skye Burke, 3rd            DeVargas.

    Place ($100) former student Seyona



    Natalie Bloom Fair 19

    In the 2019 Bloomsburg Fair Art contest/Show

    Sophomore Natalie Houser won 2nd Place in the 14-18

    age group for her pen & ink drawing.


    2018 - 2019


    Mariluz Ren 18 19            Paige Ren 18

                Mariluz Rodriguez                                    Paige Sakusky

    1st Place at the PA Renaissance Faire           2nd Place at the PA Renaissance Faire

    Poster Advertisement Contest.                     Poster Advertisement Contest.


     Abby Ren 18                 Kayla Ren 18

                Abby Heffelfinger                                 Kayla Martisofski

    Honorable Mention at the PA Renaissance        Honorable Mention at the PA  

    Faire Poster Advertisement Contest.                 Renaissance Faire Poster 

                                                                       Advertisement Contest.

    Post-Competitions for the PA Renaissance Faire

    * In the 2nd half of the competitions for the PA Renaissance Faire, students created smaller advertisements with different designs and extra fontwork. Our Honors Visual Arts Studio was awarded every place except 3rd out of dozens of participating regional high schools! Their art will be used in official advertisements for the Faire next season, and the students, their families, and I will enjoy a special free day at the Faire in the spring! Grand Prize winner: Laura Blanco, 1st Place: Alyssa Leonard, 2nd Place: Jenna Rossel, and Honorable Mention: Jose Cuello. Congratulations to everyone!

    Laura Ren 19  Laura Blanco, Grade 12

    Ren pic 1 2019     Ren 2 picnic 2019

    Winners (and their teacher!) and their families were treated to not only a free day at the faire this summer, but we also enjoyed a private picnic with delicious food, minstrels, and a visit from the queen where our winners were knighted! The students were also given a water bottle and a copy of the professional printed advertisement that held their artrwork! 


        Hazleton area Art League's Annual Art Youth Expo

    Friday April 5th was the opening night of the large, regional AYE (Art Youth Expo) as part of Hazleton's Frist Friday celebration. My honors visual art studios entered almost 50 framed pieces that will be on display the entire month of April at the Art League on Broad Street. The following students won awards in the competition:

    Josch nature             (Image coming soon)

    Jhoschwall DeVargas                               Mariluz Rodriguez

    1st Place in "Works On Paper"                  1st Place in "Crafts" 

     Category. $150 Award                             Category. $150 Award

    Acacia Freddy                  Acacia still life      

    Acacia Bermudez                                 Acacia Bermudez

    2nd Place $50 Award                         Honorable Mention $25 Award

    "Painting" category                              Painting Category

      Abby Lennon                 (Image Coming soon)

    Abby Heffelfinger                              Christell Colon

    Honorable Mention "Painting"             Honorable Mention "Painting"                         

    Category. $25 Award                         Category. $25 Award


    trinity dog                           

    Trinity Bobis       

    Honorable Mention "Works On Paper"       

    Category. $25 Award      




    Acacia Ren 18                     Alicia ren 18

             Acacia Bermudez                                               Alicia Christina

    2018 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising                   2018 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising

    Art Contest. 1st Place winner.                                Art Contest. Special merit winner.


    Lourdes Ren                       skye animal      

          Lourdes Cordero                                                            Skye Burke        

    2018 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising                    2018 Hazleton Art League's Art Youth

    Art Contest 3rd Place Winner                                  Expo, People's Choice Award. $300

    Jhosch CAA cover                 Teegan CAA cover

           Jhoschwall DeVargas                                                      Teegan Moseley

    2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad                 2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad

    Contest. Cover Design winner. Art published.         Contest. 1st Runner-Up Best Cover Design

    published. $100 Award.                                        winner. Art published. $50 Award.


    kayla caa18                  Mariluz caa18

            Kayla Dickert                                                             Mariluz Rodriguez

    2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad                  2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad

    Contest. Ad chosen from dozens of entries             Contest. Ad chosen from dozens of entries

    by company. Published in newspaper.                     by company. Published in newspaper.


    Savannah CAA18                   Mattie CAA18     

    Savannah Bodnar                                                               Mattie Reed

    2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad                   2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad

    contest. Ad chosen from dozens of entries                contest. Ad chosen from dozens of entries

    by company. Published in newspaper.                      by company. Published in newspaper.

    Jenna CAA18                  PLC Winners 18

                 Jenna Rossel                                      Hazleton Art League's Peace, Love, Chalk

    2018 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad           Competition (During FunFest)

    Contest. Ad chosen from dozens                     Mariluz Rodriguez (1st & People's

    of entries by the company.                          Choice. Anna Perez (3rd), & Claifery

                                                                   Castillo (2nd). (shown L to R). Mariluz won an

                                                                      iPad & $50. Claifery won $200 in art 

                                                                      supplies, and Anna won $100 in art

                                                                      supplies. All worked for 4 hours on their

                                                                       pieces (in public view), and then were

                                                                       judged. Mariluz sold her work for $75.



    Chelsea ren                   Nicole Ren

            Chelsea Silkowski                                                        Nicole Janica

    2017 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising                        2017 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising

    Art Contest. 2nd Place Winner 11/12 gr.                      Art Contest. Judge's Special Award


    Mariluz Egypt                   Kayla Ren

    Mariluz Rodriguez                                                                     Kayla Leonard

    Local Winner, 2017                                                   2017 PA Renaissance Faire Advertising

    Congressional Art Contest                                          Art Contest 2nd Place Winner 9/10 gr

    Artwork on display at Lou Barletta's

    Office for 1 year.

    Also won 1st Place ($150) for "Best Use of Color"

    Hazleton Art League's Art Youth Expo 2017


    Mattie Cover                              (Image coming soon)          

                      Mattie Reed                                                     Dereck Martinez         

    2017 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad Contest           2017 Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad Art

    Cover Design Winner. Published in newspaper.           Contest. Ad chosen from dozens, by

    Won $150 Award.                                                     company. Published in newspaper.

    Merizari aye                              Mariluz Chalk 17

            Merizari Zamudio                                               Mariluz Rodriguez

    1st Place in Realism Category in                           Hazleton Art League's Peace-Love-

    the Hazleton Art League's Art Youth                      Chalk Contest. 1st Place, Jr. Division.

    Expo, 2017. $150 Award.                                     Apple iPad/$200 in Art Supplies Award.

    McKenzie Chalk 17                               Anna chalk 17

            McKenzie Potten                                                     Anna Perez

    Hazleton Art League's Peace-Love-                        Hazleton Art League's Peace-Love

    Chalk Contest. 2nd Place, Jr. Division.                   Chalk contest. People's Choice Award,

    $200 in Art Supplies Award.                                 Jr. Division. $50 in Art Supplies Award.

    van group                        van sign

          Completed Shoe Collection

    van drawing                          annie erika van

    One Group had to work in a multi-view                      Annie Stetz & Erika Reynolds work on 

    drawing format. Each person in the group                  their assigned portion of their group's

     did one view of the design.                                      shoes within the skater theme.

    cody van

    Cody Manherz works on his portion of the Art

    theme design group.


    Mariluz CAA 2015                  Julio CAA 2016

          Mariluz Rodriguez                                                      Julio Rumaldo

    Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad                              Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad

    Art Contest, 2016. 1st Runner-up                               Art Contest, 2016. Ad chosen from 

    Overall Best Ad from 1000s Submitted.                       dozens, by company. Published in

    Published in newspaper. $50 Award.                           newspaper.

    Anna T CAA 2016

            Anna Truskowski

    Standard Speaker's Create-An-Ad Art 

    Contest, 2016. Ad chosen from dozens, 

    by company. Published in newspaper.