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    Many of the students from my class of 2019 Studio had the opportunit last summer to earn 3 FREE college credits! Through the grant-wizardry and guidance of professional muralist and art professor Mary Veronica Sweeney, and the cooperation of our local LCCC branch, the students now have a college GPA (none lower than an A-!). The course was called "Materials and Techniques", and covered a wide array of styles, and topics. They students especially learned about, and participated in the planning of the next large mural for Hazleton! (Miss Sweeney painted the mural on the side of Hazle Drugs on Wyoming Street.) This summer she has more exciting plans for my Visual Art Students! She is also working with LCCC to create an associates degree in art program at our Hazleton branch! See the many pictures below that detail some of the great activities they participated in...Hollywood producer workshop, art contest, and more!

    Mc-Annie LCCC LCCC ring LCCC fun Mc avatar lccc

    lccc 4 chicks Lccc 4

    lccc ext This is the projected view of the exterior of the new Art League! That mural has been designed by one of my students Mariluz Rodriguez, and my students will paint it...and earn 3 MORE college credits!!!

    Miss Sweeney required the students to participate in the Peace/Love/Chalk Art Contest through the Hazleton Art League. We cleaned up on the Junior Division! 1st Apple iPad and $200+ in art supplies!), 2nd ($200+ in art supplies), and People's Choice ($50 in art supplies)!

    mc chalk Anna chalk mariluz chalk annie chalk

    acacia chalk anna chalk 2

    lccc group jhosch chalk

    Miss Sweeney gave a public demonstration on a First Friday about creating murals. One of my students, Julio, is an assistant that day.


    julio mv 1 mv julio 2

    Here she is shown with one of the many Hazleton children who posed for the mural on Hazle Drugs, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony for her mural. Also shown are some of my students helping Miss Sweeny putting the final sealant on the mural.

    mv mural mv mural

    julio mural

    And the students also met and had a creative film-making workshop with Hollywood producer Christopher Coppola! (Francis Ford-Coppola's nephew, actor Nicholas Cage's brother). They each made a mini movie that was projected on the side of a building along with Coppola's new film on a First Friday in Hazleton!