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    Marching Band Panels: 6 - 4'x8' mural panels were created for the marching band's field shows and competitions. The theme this year was Poe's "The Raven". 

    band panel 1   band panel 2

    Freeland Little League Sponsor Signs

    Another sign finished and a 2nd for the year in the works! Even more children now will be able to enjoy playing baseball free of charge in Freeland! This 4'x8' sign was created from a tiny business card, and is ready to be hung on the outfeld fence for the season!

    LL 1 2019

    Fire Panels for the Junior Showcase

    Several of my juniors created 3 4'x8' panels showing fire for the Dance Studio's fire number in the showcase. The students were able to explore set design, and how the different areas of the arts explores a certain theme (fire in the Odyssey). 

    fire stage 1 fire work fire stage 2



    Marching Band panels (8 4'x8' panels to create 2 8'x16' images in Pirate/British theme)

    (pictures coming soon)


    At the Hazleton High School's 2017 Veterans' Day Lunch, a poignant and touching large work of art by junior Jhoschwall DeVargas was on display prominantly in the library for the guests to see as they entered. Jhoschwall created this piece in conjunction with his social studies class. He researched subject matter appropriate to WWI for this moving tribute.

    Jhosch WW1


    T-Shirt Design worn by the entire Arts & Humanities Academy on their trip to Washington D.C. to visit the Holocaust Museum, various memorials, art exhibits, and the cherry blossoms. Design by Mariluz Rodriguez

    mariluz dc shirt

    Junior Julio Rumaldo created the T-Shirt for the varsity swim team's famous "hell week" training time (almost every day of Christmas break for many hours...hence the name).

    julio swim shirt

    Freeland Little League Sonsor Signs

    4 - 4'x8' Sponsor signs were created to the precise specifications of the business. All logos/art/font style is given to the students by the business, and then we must design a layout that is easily read from across a baseball field. (Signs are hung on the outfield fence during the ball season.)

    LL sign 2018-1            LL Sign 2018-2

    pat sign         chickens sign




    Marching Band Panels (8 - 4'x8' panels to create 2 - 8'x16' images)

    Band panel 1   band panel 2 band panel 3   band panel 4

    Freeland Little League Sponsor Sign (1 - 4'x8' Panel)

    LL sign 17

    Collaboration with Traveling Performing Group "Artrageous"

    Students made music-inspired, spontaneous art that was displayed the night of the concert...along with a music video created in collaboration with the Career Center Videography students! They also attended a performance just for Academy students.

    artrageous 1   artrageous 2 artrageous 3   anna artrageous annie artrageous erika artrageous Izy Artrageous jenna artrageous Jonathan artrageous Mariluz Artrageous mckenzie artrageous

    T-Shirt Design worn by the entire Arts &Humanities Academy to NYC to see the Broadway Show "Wicked" and attend the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Design by Mariluz Rodriguez

    Mariluz nyc shirt


    Art At the Markle

    Many of my students participated in this wonderful, not-judged, community art show. The students saw their work displayed professionally in the amazing urban-loft setting of the 11th floor of the Markle Building in Hazleton. It was a lovely evening at the gallery, with live music, food, and many people from all over the area to enjoy art!

     acacia markle merilley markle markle 3 markle display mckenzie markle merizari cat markle

    Junior Student Teachers for a day! The Honors Visual Arts II class were invited to McAdoo Elementary to teach a step-by-step painting lesson on canvas in 4 classrooms to 3rd grade. Preparation involved lesson plans being written, completed samples created, and discussions of teaching strategy. It was so successful, we were invited back next year!  

    mcadoo 1 mcadoo 2

    mcadoo 3 mcadoo 4


    Window Painting in Downtown Hazleton (Representative Tarah Toohil's office, LCCC, the Chamber of Commerce, and The Shop 2)

    Acacia Window   Kayla Window

    Marching Band Panels (5 - 4'x8' Panels in Star Trek Theme)

    star trek 1    star trek 2

    T-Shirt design for the Hazleton High School Marching Cougars Band by

    Freshman Halle McMinn

    Halle band shirt


    Freeland Little League Sponsor Signs (3 - 4'x8' panels)

    LL 15 sign 1 LL 15 sign 2 LL 15 Sign 3 LL sign close 16

    Cafeteria Appreciation Day Cards/Posters (Personalized for every worker!)

    jhosch cafe

    Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy Logo Design created by freshman Kayla Leonard

    Kayla logo