The Hazleton Chapter of the National Art Honor Society

  • How exciting it is that we have this new opportunity! Hazleton Area School District now has our own chapter of the esteemed National Art Honor Society! I am the chapter sponsor who created bylaws, will oversee all applications, register inductees, and distribute all certificates and relevant information.


    * Sponsored by the National Art Education Association (NAEA)

    * Chapter Sponsor: As a member in good standing of the NAEA, I was able to construct bylaws with their constitution as a foundation, but also with chosen modifications for our chapter.

    * Student membership qualifications:

         * Grades 11 and 12 who have completed at least 3 credits of art in the high school's entire art department (academy and non-academy).

         * A minimum of a 93% average must be met in all art classes taken.

         * An overal minimum GPA of 80% 

         * Student submits a transcript (issued by the guidance dept) to me by the deadline announced (Dec 14th currently, another deadline will occur in the spring).

         * Similar to the foreign language honor society, a student is considered eligible and/or an active member even when not currently taking an art class.

         * An announcement will be made when certificates are available. At that time, I will also give a paper about optional items that could be purchased.

    * Benefits:

         * Positive recognition of exceptional artistic effort.

         * Impressive addition to students' resumes.

         * Students receive a certificate, and may wear a pin at graduation. (Additional items can be purchased by the student, such as t-shirts).

         * Optional newspaper/yearbook photo of chapter members.

         * Scholarshp opportunities:

              * Several accredited Art Colleges/Institutes have partnered with the NAEA to offer exclusive scholarships beginning at $4,000.

                   * Pratt School of Art & Design, Brooklyn, NY

                   * Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

                   * The Art Institute (50 locations nationwide and online)

                   * Columbus College of Art & Design

         * Students can opt to be on the NAHS email list to receive ongoing information of additional events/opportunities/career information/art shows & contests.

         * Chapter sponsor could exhibit student artwork on the largest online student art museum, and the NAHS Pinterest page.